Black Label Bonnie Masturbator Rechargeable Vibrating Auto Stroker Waterproof Black 8 Inch

Black Label Bonnie Masturbator Rechargeable Vibrating Auto Stroker Waterproof Black 8 Inch

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  • Product Sku: CGBR-0032
  • Manufacturer: Bonnie Rotten
  • Availability: Short Wait
  • Release Date: March 29, 2016


A devious auto stroker created to deliver intense rotating stimulation straight to the sensitive tip. With its super powerful extremely quiet waterproof motor you will be really feeling all 10 modes of steady or rhythmic rotation cue with just the touch of a button. You never need to find batteries again because this Bonnie Masturbator is rechargeable and includes a USB charging cable.

-ABS Plastic

8 inch(overall)
-Insertable Length:
2.5 inch
12 oz
3 inch(overall)
2 inch(internal)
1.5 inch(handle)

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Product Reviews

Great toy just one question?

The charger broke almost immediately. So what kind is it and where can I get another one? I have not seen that long gold rod charger anywhere

Anonymous - January 6 2018

Store sold me junk

Store sold me item that woked once now they say no refund .

Anonymous - December 7 2017

Bonnie rotten toy

I first bought this toy at a castle store. And when I first used it , I was blown away. I used it 3 times and now it don't work. You really have to lube up because low spin don't work. Had to turn it on high. They got the right idea here but needs to be bigger and deeper. Switch needs to be better.

Anonymous - January 7 2017

Made for thin dicks, low battery life, sleeve breaks.

Do not get me wrong, I love this but they need to make a new version and offer a wider one for thick dicks. When fully erect, the damn thing cannot spin. I pull out a bit and it works, but all of the silicone studs in the sleeve broke off the first day. The battery lasts like 10 minutes on high speed, so if oyu are just trying to take it slow and go for 30 minutes or so, then you better buy 3 of them. They are not waterproof. I used that silicone safe oil stuff and it got out of the sleeve and into the part where the batter and motor are. I have to leave it sitting upright for 3 days, cleaning the oil as it comes out... then finally it worked again.

Good machine, poor craftsmanship, cheap parts and made for tiny cocks.

Jeffery - December 6 2016

Good product when it works ! Just dosnt work to long!

Felt good the one time it was used . Couple days later tried it and switch or something went out on it already. No instructions is shitty also. Save your money for sure!

Anonymous - July 30 2016

One of the best toys

Absolutely love it the best masturbator ever also I can say is OMG does it feel great and shoot very quickly when using it

Anonymous - July 19 2016


I like the Bonnie Masturbator very much and have a lot of fun with it, but it comes without any instructions. Still have a silicon ring and no clue where to put it.
Furthermore it is not designed for the larger/thicker penis unfortunately, so you have to watch that the masturbator is turned on a higher revolution. If not it will stop. The delivery was perfect even overseas.

Anonymous - May 18 2016

Sucks The Soul Out Of You

This thing sucks the soul out of you. I love Bonnie and when I found out she had a men's product coming out, I didn't hesitate to buy it.

Pros: Lightweight, 10 Program Settings, Waterproof, USB Rechargeable (**NO batteries needed**)(**USB charger IS included**), Easy to Clean.

- Out of the box, you get 3 items ( 1 USB Charger, The Main Product, & the Insertion Cap). The entire toy measures 8 inches from top to bottom. Insertion wise it's about 5 inches or so, and it's about 3 inches wide. The black handle has a soft smooth finish to it that makes it comfortable to hold. I recommend using Water Based lube and rinsing it with anti bacterial soap and warm water when finished. The toy doesn't have Bonnie's name written on it like the picture shows, but it's all good. I had an interesting first experience with this toy (read down below), but overall, I LOVE this product and I can't wait to keep using it.

Cons: No Instructions, Loud, Would Prefer an On/Off Switch

- Assembly is EASY, but I would've liked for this product to have a special care instructions manual because at first I wasn't sure if you had to remove the sleeve to clean it, or if you could just rinse it out like a water cup. For now, I deeply rinse it with warm water and soap because I messed up the sleeve trying to take it out. I had to take the toy apart to put the sleeve back in place. Also, this little thing is pretty loud. It sounds like a mini electric drill going off in my room.
To turn this toy on, you have to press and hold a small round button on the end of the handle for about 3 seconds. To switch settings, you press the same button only once. To turn it off, you simply press and hold again. The reason I would prefer an On/ Off switch separate from the settings button is because the first time i used it, the toy malfunctioned. No matter how many times i turned it off, the toy would turn back on BY ITSELF a couple minutes later. Mentioning that it's also loud, I had to rush to turn it off, but it wouldn't turn off no matter how many times I pressed and held the button. I had remove the cap and stuff a sock in it to stop it from spinning until the battery died. It works great now though lol.

Anonymous - April 10 2016

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